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Flying-Fox Education Kit
This education kit provides activities for teachers for year levels 4 to 9.

Year 4
The year 4 unit "The life cycle of the flying-fox", introduces students to flying-foxes and their importance in the environment. It introduces flying-foxes as mammals and familiarises students with the life cycle of flying-foxes and native trees. From this, students will come to realise the co-dependency that exists between flying-foxes and native trees and the need to protect both.

Year 5
The year 5 unit "Adaptations of flying-foxes", introduces students to how flying-foxes have adapted to their environment. It allows students to explore the bat wing and compare it to the human arm. It looks at how the mega-bats and micro-bats have evolved differently. Finally it introduces students to how we can learn to live peacefully with flying-foxes.

Year 6
The year 6 unit "The flying-fox habitat", introduces students to how the flying-fox habitat has been destroyed and how that has led to some flying-foxes being listed as threatened species. They will also explore how scientists are helping people to come up with solutions to help both flying-foxes and man.

Year 7
The year 7 unit "Where do fling-foxes fit in?", introduces students to classifying microbats and mega-bats through the use of a classification tree and identifying distinguishing features. It looks at forest food chains and webs and human threats to the web. The unit finishes with a look at how we can become more flying-fox friendly in our neighbourhoods.

Year 8
The year 8 unit "Specialised flying-foxes", introduces students to the digestive and reproductive cycle of the flying-fox and compares them to the human systems. It encourages students to explore how these systems have evolved to ensure their survival. Finally it encourages students to think about how the survival of flying-foxes is now in danger because of these adaptations.

Year 9
The year 9 unit "Flying-foxes ecosystems", introduces students to the ecosystem of the flying-fox and the abiotic and biotic factors that can influence the health of the ecosystem. The unit asks students to choose from a series of challenges about flying-foxes that will test their scientific knowledge and comprehension.

Working with bats
This includes a list of people who work with bats that you might like to invite to talk to your class. It also includes ideas for excursions to flying fox camp sites across southern Queensland.

Excursion ideas
This page provides teachers with locations that they can take students on excursions to visit flying fox camps in southern Queensland.

Colouring-in sheets
Colouring-in with Gracie the Grey-headed flying-fox

"My favourite bat" WebQuest
This WebQuest requires students to use the All About Bats website and other internet sites to research their favouirte bat species and write a short book/reader to help educate younger students about bats.

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