Little bent-wing bat

Miniopterus australis

The little bent-wing bat is the smallest of all the bent-wing bats. It has chocolate brown fur all over, that is lighter on its belly, and it has a short muzzle and domed head. These are cave dwelling bats but have been known to utilise abandoned mines, tunnels, stormwater drains and occasionally buildings.


Little bent-wing bats prefer well timbered areas where they feed primarily in the shrub and canopy layers. Their diet consists primarily of beetles, moths, flies and even spiders. Little bent-wing bats congregate in maternity colonies during summer and populations can get up to 100,000 individuals.


Females congregate in maternity colonies with the eastern bent-wing bat from August. Young are born in December.

Predators and Threats

Ghost Bats, pythons, feral cats, foxes, hawks and owls. Loss of limestone caves and old mines as well as human disturbance.


Photo:  Les Hall

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