The Southern Queensland Flying-fox Education Kit provides schools of southern Queensland with an opportunity to study flying-foxes in the classroom while achieving outcomes (particularly Biological Sciences) under the Australian Curriculum.

Each unit consists of three lessons that contain a variety of activities. Teachers may choose to complete more than the suggested lessons e.g. a teacher may choose to recap some of the year 5 activities or proceed to year 7.

These activities use a range of different learning media to provide an all-round learning experience for their students. This includes printed materials, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos and sound files that are all found on the All About Bats website.

The final section of this education kit provides contact details for professionals (e.g. wildlife carers, scientists and council staff) to come and talk to students about their role in looking after flying-foxes and their habitat. It also provides a list of easily accessible excursion locations if teachers wish to take their students to expereince the sights and smells of a flying-fox colony.



Year 4 The life cycle of the flying-fox

This unit introduces year 4 students to flying-foxes and their importance in the environment. It introduces flying-foxes as mammals and familiarises students with the life cycle of flying-foxes and native trees. From this, students will... Read More

Year 5 Adaptations of flying-foxes

Year 5 students are introduced to how flying-foxes have adapted to their environment. It allows students to explore the bat wing and compare it to the human arm. It looks at how the mega-bats and... Read More

Year 6 The flying-fox habitat

This unit has been designed for year 6 students to increase their understanding of the habitat of flying-foxes. Students will look at how the flying-fox habitat has been destroyed and how that has led to... Read More

Year 7 Where do flying-foxes fit in?

This unit introduces year 7 students to the classification of micro-bats and mega-bats through the use of a classification tree and distinguishing characteristics. It then introduces them to the food chains and food webs of... Read More

Year 8 Specialised flying-foxes

This unit introduces year 8 students to the digestive and reproductive cycle of the flying-fox and compares them to the human systems. It encourages students to explore how these systems have evolved to ensure their... Read More

Year 9 Flying-fox ecosystems

In this unit, year 9 students will explore the ecosystem of the flying-fox and the abiotic and biotic factors that can influence the health of the ecosystem. They will have the opportunity to explore the... Read More

Working with Bats

The following organisations can be contacted for more information about bats, or individuals may be willing to speak to your class about what they are doing to help conserve our wildlife. Bat Conservation & Rescue... Read More

Excursion ideas

The following locations can be used to viist a flying-fox camp where there is interpretive information to learn more about the local camp. There are many more sites out there that have not been represented... Read More

WebQuest – My Favourite Bat

What is a WebQuest? “A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners’ time well, to... Read More