The mega-bat family consists of blossom bats, tube-nosed bats and the commonly known flying-foxes. Southern Queensland is home to three species of flying fox. To find out more about these species download the brochure Flying-foxes of Southern Queensland.


Mega-bat species

Eastern tube-nosed bat

Nyctimene robinsoni Generally a solitary species, the Eastern tube-nosed bat can be found in subtropical and tropical rainforest along the Queensland coast. Read More

Grey-headed flying-fox

Pteropus poliocephalus The grey-headed flying-fox has a unique colouring of grey fur on its head with an orange collar around its neck. Read More

Little red flying-fox

Pteropus scapulatus The little red flying-fox is a nomadic species that can be found across most of Australia’s semi-arid and tropical regions. Read More