Year 6 The flying-fox habitat

This unit has been designed for year 6 students to increase their understanding of the habitat of flying-foxes. Students will look at how the flying-fox habitat has been destroyed and how that has led to some flying-foxes being listed as threatened species. They will also explore how scientists are helping people to come up with solutions to help both flying-foxes and man.



Lesson 6.1 Where do flying-foxes live?

This unit starts with a close look at the habitat of a flying fox through discussion, observation and reading. Students learn about flying-fox camps and find out where the known camp sites are in southern Queensland. They study local maps to see if there is a roost located near them.

Activity 6.1B What is a Habitat?

The Hervey Bay Fruit Bats

Lesson 6.2 Flying-foxes are losing their habitat

Students will look at what has happened to the flying-fox’s habitat since the arrival of European settlers and how this has affected population numbers. They will analyse distribution maps of native vegetation and note how much it has decreased. A role play will allow students to see how crucial native vegetation is to the survival of the flying-fox and other native wildlife.


Lesson 6.3 Threatened flying-foxes

Students are made aware of facts about threatened species and that some species of flying-fox are under threat. Students look at positive solutions that have been arrived at to allow humans and people to live together. The unit will finish with the same quiz to see allow students to reflect on how much they have learnt.